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Prvi forum o vashim omijlenim herojima... U Srbiji!
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 Lista Nepotvrdjenih Sposobnosti

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the cheerleader

the cheerleader

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Lista Nepotvrdjenih Sposobnosti Empty
PostSubject: Lista Nepotvrdjenih Sposobnosti   Lista Nepotvrdjenih Sposobnosti Icon_minitimeSun Mar 22, 2009 10:21 pm

Animal Control
Dynamic Camouflage
Electric Mimicry
Electronic Data Manipulation
Empathic Manipulation
Evolved Human Detection
Gas Mimicry
Hair Manipulation
Induced Explosion
Metal Duplication
Metallic Sweat
Nervous System Manipulationp
Object Displacement
Reality Distortion
Seismic Blast
Shadow Mimicry
Shape Shifting
Size Alteration
Skin Burning
Snake Mimicry
Temperature Manipulation
Weather Control
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Lista Nepotvrdjenih Sposobnosti
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